Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, also known as Abeiku Santana, is a multiple-award-winning Chartered media practitioner with a distinguished career spanning over two decades and achievements in many other fields of endeavour

The Broadcaster has enrolled for another Master’s degree at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS).

Abeiku Santana’s career focus is to become a Global Expert Consultant in Media, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality.

Hope Channel Ghana presents an On-Air Music Business Seminar, taking place on Hope Channel Ghana on our Satellite platform, Facebook, and YouTube @hopetvgh, 18 – 22nd April 2021, 6:30pm each night. Speakers for the 5-day event are Rex Omar, Rexford Kyei, Stephen Nasei Boadi, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Kwame Dadzie and the seminar will be hosted by Steve Boat an Adventist musician.

Hope Channel Ghana is proud to bring you a 5-day On-Air Music Business Seminar live in your homes for the first time this April. The Seminar will provide the platform for understanding the music industrial transformation and how our Christian musicians can take advantage of the digital age.

The topics to be discussed during the 5 day seminar are:

Day 1 – Digital Media and its Advantages

Day 2 – 360 Degree Music Business/Artist Deals

Day 3 – Online Music Exploitation – financial opportunities available to Artistes

Day 4 – Artiste Branding

Day 5 – Why Music Videos Are Still So Important

The target for this seminar is Gospel Musicians, Christian Musicians, Aspiring Musicians, Artiste Managers, and players in the music value chain. This seminar will have an immediate impact and transform your ministry.

If you want to join the seminar through our zoom platform you can WhatsApp your name, Location, and email address to 0559680066

Hope Channel Ghana, is a Youth Oriented Christian Television Network aimed at getting Jesus in every heart and sharing God’s good news for a better life today and for eternity. Hope Channel offers programs on holistic Christian living and focuses on faith, health, relationships, and community. It’s television that changes lives!
The Channel can be found on the Satellite platform and covers the entire West African region with a great viewership.
Hope Channel …… Changing Lives

Contact Information: Nii Ayite Hammond, 0244216123

For further information about the event and speakers, visit or visit our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @hopetvgh

Clement Ashitey widely known as Clemento Suarez has opened up on his personal life after the celebration of his birthday and grabbing the EMY Award this past weekend.

Clemento Suarez has for the first time revealed that he works full time at the British High Commission and that all the comedies we see him in are just his part time job

He made this revelation on UTV’s McBrown’s kitchen, hosted by Nana Ama McBrown.
In an exclusive interview, he was asked: “Clemento, so aside the comedy and acting job, do you do any other job?”

“Yes, I do. The acting is just my part time job. I work at the British High commission full time.”
“You know the comedy in Ghana is now gaining recognition among Ghanaians so very soon, we will get to the height of the movie industry.”
The host, Mcbrown who was surprised further asked: “Eii, since when did you start working at the High commission, you that like fooling?”
“Oh Long time. I have been there for quiet sometime. You know the High Commission is opposite the Ghana Institute of Journalism [GIJ] University, so I do meet the students alot for advice and mentoring.”
Sometimes kraa, we eat gobe [beans] together so you can confirm from them,” he jokingly said.
Clemento suarez, this weekend was adjourdged the Man of the year; Entertainment man of the year at the just ended Exclusive Men of the Year [EMY] Africa awards 2020.

He had his primary education at Vichrist Parents’ School, Bethel Junior High School, and went on to Tema Secondary School. His tertiary education was at the school of Performing Arts at the University of Ghana in Legon where he graduated in 2010.
Our checks also confirmed that he truly works at the British High Commission. A former Ambassador to Ghana, Jon Benjamin congratulated him after winning the EMY Awards and confirming words to that. See it here.

Students of Accra Girls’ Senior High School are picketing this morning as part of their efforts to put pressure on the management of the school to allow them to go home following reports that six of their colleagues have contracted COVID-19.
The anxious and fear-gripped students have clustered and massed up at the schools’ premises waiting for their worried parents to come and convey them home.

Police officers have stormed the school’s premises to restore calm.
The students, who gathered outside their classrooms, kept chanting: “We’ll go home.”

Speaking to CTV’s Fredalvis Agbenyo, a parent said: “I heard the news last night, so, I rushed here to find out what was happening…I’m anxious and scared and, so, we need the school authorities to tell us something”.

Most of us know the circumstances in the early 2000s. The acts of this infamous thief who made people live and fear and panic. “Atta Ayi”. Well everyone had a story to tell about him. But what are the truths; and what are falsities. Take a read here:
Raymond Ayee Ayeetey was born in Adabraka, Accra. He was a school-going child until he quit in class 4 after his mom traveled to UK. Ataa Ayi learnt how to drive and later became a taxi driver.

In an interview with one of the media houses he recounted his story that, in 1998, he drove someone to a festival in Okropong and on his way back, got into an accident which destroyed his master’s car. He returned to Accra jobless and a debtor. In seeking for a job, a friend introduced him to another (Eddie) who needed a skillful driver.

The need for this skillful driver was for car looting. Ataa Ayi joined Eddie to help him with his criminal activities. Initially, on finding out that his job was to aid car looters, he expressed his dissatisfaction. But he also needed the money for his pregnant wife and his business ambitions.
In his need for money, Ataa Ayi joined the gang, of car looters. The operation of this gang involved monitoring people who go to the banks to withdraw money, attacking and stealing their money. Ataa Ayi’s first operation was in 1999 when he and his gang stole 12 million cedis of which he got 2.5 million cedis for himself.

One fateful day, the gang came across a gun in a police car and took it. They decided to use it for their criminal operations but none of them knew how to actually use it.
The gang hijacked cars and robbed people from banks and busses. The frequency of these acts made people believe he had charms that protected him from gunshots and the police. A victim one day told his story of how he was robbed even in traffic. Another eye witness narrated his story of how a man was trailed by the gang from a bank where he had withdrawn 22 million cedis. When he stopped to give the money to his wife, he was crossed by the robbers amid firing. The gang also followed a pastor from Osu where he had withdrawn 56 million cedis, entered the church but could not snatch the bag containing the money. They entered into an office and met one pastor who was checking the money. They shot him and made away with 6 million cedis.
In total, the cash the gang made away with was about 700 million cedis plus cars, telephones and jewelry. Ataa Ayi became so popular that his face was put on billboards throughout the country. His name even became a common household name and nickname for thieves
In 2000, the police, in pursuit of a lead went to Chorkor for his arrest but Ataa Ayi had travelled a funeral. On realization on how he wanted he was, he went into hiding.

The police searched vey possible place he must have been operating and living. All his gang members were arrested or killed from the search except Ataa Ayi. People even then promoted stories of his invincibility and powers.
However, even the best of criminals have a day when they will be captured. Ataa Ayi’s was at Nungua while being the caretaker of his elder sister’s house. There was an argument between the tenants in the house where the his sister’s daughter insulted him. Ataa Ayi then beat up the tenant for which the case was reported to the police.
On 28th February 2005, the police went to his residence and found him drying his clothes. They came to arrest him on counts of assault only to find out he was the most wanted criminal in the country. He was arrested whiles begging the police on his knees not to kill him.

While in custody, Ataa Ayi claimed he was tortured and coerced to sign statements which he claims some of which were not true. He also claimed that most of the witnesses who testified against him at his trial committed perjury, but he was happy to have been sentenced. He was later sentenced to 160 years with hard labour and is still serving his time at the Ankaful Maximum security prisons in Cape Coast .
Ataa Ayi is now a pastor in prison and now regrets all his past crimes and sins and has accepted Jesus as his savior.

Ataa Ayi still pleads with the government to be granted pardon. He hopes to become a great pastor on his release.

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