Ghana has recorded 95 more COVID 19 cases, sending the country’s total recorded cases from 2,074 to 2,169.

Per the update on the Ghana Health Service website today (May 2, 2020), the death toll from the illness has risen by one more person to 18 while recoveries have increased to 229 from 212.
According to the data, the Greater Accra Region has seen an increase of 57 cases raising its tally to 1,852, Ashanti Region’s case count is now 117 with eastern Region recording 17 new cases sending its total to 87 and the Western North Region which now has 4 cases.

Ghana has been thrown into a state of shock and sorrow following reports of the passing of Kumasi-based actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko.
News of his sudden demise was confirmed by musician, ace radio presenter and DJ, Andy Dosty.

“Oh Lord, I don’t want to believe you’re gone. God be with you my friend,” an Instagram post by Andy Dosty read Saturday evening.
The cause of Bishop Nyarko’s death is currently unknown.
Exactly a month ago, he was reported to have said he has quit acting and nothing will make him rescind the decision.
He became a full-time pastor to spread the word of God and win souls for his Maker. According to reports, the actor ditched acting for the gospel after he was hit with an unknown illness.
Bishop Nyarko, in a viral video was heard telling his congregation that he has decided to follow the steps of actor Majid Michelle, stressing that the movie industry is full of evil.

The virtual event will come live from the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair, Accra, to audiences on Joy Prime, and across a number of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter platforms.

The event will feature a select physical performance block while others will come from virtual locations.

Tonight’s event will feature a handful of people, numbering 25, in keeping with state protocols on COVID-19.

Prior to tonight’s event, the scheme held a successful nominees announcement night attended by leading industry heads, topping it with the highly successful 3Music Women’s Brunch, which brought together leading figures in the arts, creative and entertainment industry for a day’s thought leadership session.

3Music Awards 2020 is presented by 3Media Networks, Joyfm, Hitzfm, JoyPrime TV, Fantasy Entertainment and EnE Ghana and sponsored by Nasco Electronics.

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has selected a running mate for the 2020 elections.
The former President has come under intense criticism for failing to name a running mate since his election as the flagbearer of the main opposition party some two years ago.

Tentative information gathered by The BBC Ghana indicates that the former President settled on an Akan.
The reason, this paper gathered is due to the belief that an Akan, particularly someone from the Ashanti Region will help the party gain more votes in the Akan dominated areas.

Ace broadcaster, Paul Adom-Otchere opined same when he ran an editorial on the running mate issue in the NDC.

“We suspect that if J.J Rawlings is thinking about a running mate for John Mahama, giving that John Mahama comes from the North and he’s thinking about a running mate from the south, we think JJ will point him…directly to the Ashanti Region,” he said on his TV show Good Evening Ghana,” he said.

It is thus expected that in the coming weeks, John Dramani Mahama will make Ghanaians privy to the name of the running mate.

Actor, Prince David Osei has described the President, NAna Akufo-Addo as a deep thinker.
This description comes on the back of the President’s move to build 88 District hospitals across the country in a year.

To Prince David Osei, it’s only deep thinkers like Akufo-Addo who will decide to build 88 hospitals because the number 88 is spiritual and representative of enlightenment.
The actor made this known through a post on his social media handles saying “The Intelligence and smartness behind the number 88. The NUMBER 88 is the master NUMBER,it is the powerful,significant NUMBER in the numerology.It has the power to provide analysis of ANY condition that leads to long term benefits.88 is a NUMBER that has repetition of same amount.The presence of the double digits is the sign of an enlightened individual according to numerologist.NUMBER 88,with regards to the environment signs towards business,legal proceedings,financial check,indication of future prosperity”

“88 represent A new world order and these we can all attest to,since the emergence of COVID19 there has been a new world order.How we live as human beings on Mother Earth has changed, no more handshakes,hugs,we practicing social distance,wearing masks etc .For once no part of the world is safe to travel to??A phase of our lives has ended and a new one has begun that will bring prosperity and wealth..NUMBER 88 is also the Universal Spiritual Laws of Cause and Effects.88 equals stability and abundance in our nation.In the Bible 88 plays a major role ,Elijah performed 8 miracles in the Bible (1 Kings 17-1,1Kings 17:14-16,1Kings 17:22-23,1Kings 18:25-38,1Kings 18:41-45,2Kings 1:9-10,2Kings 1:11-12,2Kings 2-8)B,Elisha who got a double portion of Elijah’s anointing performed 16 miracles 8+8=16,Genesis 6vs 8 Noah had 8people in the Ark during the flood disaster,and after the end of the flood was 8 people who stepped out of the Ark and took responsibility of starting a new era ;Acts 9&Acts 40,God made 8 agreements or covenants with Abraham.. NUMBER 8 if double or tripled is a new birth and a unique NUMBER of Jesus which stands for Resurrection and Regeneration”
“I can go on and on?? will suffice to say that His Excellency President Nana Akuffo Addo is a DEEP THINKER ?? Hence 88 hospitals???????.. The President of Ghana says his administration is building 88 hospitals in one year not 70,not 80,not 90 or 100 but 88.?? The Unassuming Philosopher PDO aka Snipperdee”
President Akufo-Addo during his eighth update to the country said the deadly Coronavirus has exposed how weak Ghana’s health system has been over the years and therefore there is the need for the country to invest in its health infrastructure.
With that background, the President promised of building 88 District hospitals and 6 regional hospitals in the newly created regions in the country.

ACCORDING to Worldometer’s latest statistics, there are now over 3,211,421 people worldwide infected with coronavirus (Covid-19), with the death toll from the disease reaching 227,733. However, almost a million people (997,400) have recovered from the disease, to date.
The US continues to be the country that is the most affected by the virus with over one million (1,063,351) people diagnosed with the disease in total. It also registered the highest number of new infections during the last 24 hours (27,586). The country has also suffered the most fatalities from the disease, with over 2,352 deaths just in the last 24 hours, taking the total death toll to 61,618.

Spain is the second country in the world with the most Covid-19 cases (236,899) after the US, registering 2,793 new cases today, followed by Italy (203,591), France (166,420) and the UK (165,221). However, Italy is the second country in the world after the US with the most Covid-19 deaths (27,682), followed by the UK (26,097) and Spain (24,275).

Nollywood actor and producer, Yul Edochie has rejected a comparison between him and his dad, Pete.
Junior Edochie has been known as someone who is good at what he does, while his father, a Veteran actor, Pete Edochie, is no doubt his son’s mentor when it comes to acting.

Corroborating the assertion, Yul told an author that it’s absolutely wrong to compare him with his dad.

“Not to spite you bro, but this is a comparison that should never ever be done. Comparing me with the Legend, Chief Pete Edochie? Father & son? I dey mad??” – Yul told author, Okoji Victor, C.

Okoji had shared cover page of a book he authored titled; “The Actors’ Craft: A Contrastive Study Between Pete Edochie and Yul Edochie”.
Responding, Yul told Okoji that in as much as he is good at his craft, he cannot be compared to his dad (Pete).
“However good I am today I learnt from him. You can compare two actors from same generation but this one is a capital NO”, Yul wrote on twitter.

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