Easing of Restrictions on Public Gatherings Raises Concerns

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The easing of restrictions on public gatherings, which included Religious activities as contained in the President, nation’s address, may have raised public concerns

The President of the Republic of Ghana may have questions to answer due to the partial lifting of Ban on public gatherings

In view of most Ghanaians, directions given by Mr, President may be of wrong timing, due to the incidence taking place in certain areas of approved gatherings.
Decisions that eases restrictions on public gatherings by the President of the Republic of Ghana, as an effort geared toward Church resumption, which allows Religious activities under certain condition had so far, not yielded well, based on information reaching the public, as Church Buildings collapse.

However this same place of worship you allow people to go Churching, records sad News which has come to notices of people. What if lives were lost?
It is believed that the Lord continues to signal warning to his people and watching the path of the righteous. It may not be clear to others to reflect what God is communicating to us about a change that is possible.
Amos [3:7] says “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing to his servants the prophets”
Thus public views on the Government’s guidance and direction which allows religious activities this time could be dangerous since the hope of the country is in the Lord’s house and aught to return into service at the right time. Places for worship have been struck by a few day heavy rainstorm.
As an authentic writer, information gathered with illustrations shows clearly how billions of heavy rain drops could cause a high atmospheric pressure that led to the collapse of a couple of Church buildings.
It is alleged, that APC building of Reverend Obofour, loses its foundation strength causing vibration of the whole structure pulled down recently in Kumasi
Others may feel because it is Reverend Obofour’s, Church building, then there’s no need talking about it, without relating the issues to people that may be involved, the economic problems it causes. Since most of the Men of God are surrounded by controversial issues, one would not subscribe to whether there’s a bit of truth in what they say or you may have personal believes as what lies they speak, but does not determine the problem at hand. This has to do with natural cause of problem.
Of course not all information circulating about someone is true, some of this issues come up because of political affiliation of a person. Same way not attitudes exhibited by Pastors are fake. Due to politics, a Man of God could be name as fake because they do not belong to their group or political parties. Most of them could be doing the right things. if not, we would end up attributing all the credit that must be given to the Most High God to lifeless things. Christ given powers must mean a serious business to our Creator. “Let’s not be too quick in judging”
Another Church buildings of a similar issue, this time is Presbyterian Church Of Ghana situated in Oti Region, could give an obvious account of what heavy rainstorm means in current situation as danger looming in the year 2020. Assuming the there were people in any of this Buildings, what could have been the end result?
This is why most people are of the views that the President’s timing for allowing people at His discretion to resume in such gatherings will do more harm than good, a roof of Building detaches itself and fells back to the ground, is a deadly situation. It so important to be well informed about issues arising so as to caution the public of where to be at a point in time.
In Oti Region, same area The Presbyterian Church looses it’s top roof, had recorded one death as a result of a building falling to hit a woman in her room, is so sad, this is on alarming rate something must be done about calamity falling on the nation Ghana.
Let’s also be mindful of the year 2020 been a Biblical Prophetic year. Therefore instructions given to us must be properly observed amidst of Coronavirus also known as (COVID-19)
Questions that may pop up is that ” Mr. President, is the Nation Ghana moving on the right direction? If Church buildings you asked people to return to worship the Lord collapses few days after easing restrictions on Religious activities, gives a feedback of sad news, what if people die in Church premises,?
It is believed that in this time of Covid-19 pandemic, Wisdom of God is required to making of decisions on behalf of the people of Ghana, it is at this crucial times the constitution of Ghana will be put to resting state, It may have been very tired for several years of ruling and “allow God to Rule now”
Why the constitution of the land should be resting by now is because, it is solely human considerations that approved of the laws. It is clear that the ways of men, are not same path the Lord follows, rather human following the path of the Lord.
Following the recent heavy down pour of rain had led to collapse of Church buildings which is a matter of public concerns, why? because others are following the wrong path which is probably sending us to a death zone, I believe it will have a bad effect on your Governance in the future.

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