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Ghana a perfect example of religious addiction

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Religion they say is the opium of the masses and Ghana is a classical representation of the saying. Ghana is well known for its religious activities and its ability to produce mass preachers and religious leaders. Among the preachers, most are known for their activities of performing miracles and wonders. These pastors become famous and amass all the wealth one could think of, and then suddenly disappear from the public domain either as a result of losing Church members, Church collapse, losing focus to stay abroad, or because they became broke.
Here is a list of 10 Ghanaian pastors who were popular but have gone down now.

Prophet Akwasi Sarpong

Prophet Gabriel Akwasi Sarpong, the founder and leader of the Cross of Miracle Evangelistic Ministry popularly referred to as bilibilibili, rose to fame in the early 2000s. Just like other Kumasi based pastors, he was well known for wonders and miracles and the prophecies he gave. He began to fail and his name began to go down the drain when he became known as the pastor who exploits church members for money. In 2018, the pastor asked 15,000 of his church members to send him GHS100 each, aside from this act of extortion, they have been numerous allegations that, Prophet Akwasi Sarpong contracted some ladies to act as diseased, so he can heal them in church. This was made known by one lady the prophet had earlier contracted.

Computer Man

Prophet Eric Amponsah aka Computer-Man, is the leader of Hope Generation Ministry, a church headquartered in Kumasi, the Ashanti region of Ghana. He became very famous for wonders and miracles and the ability to give prophecies beyond human comprehension that some said, his prophecies were accurate as though they are information stored electronically hence the name computer man. However, the man of God lost his credibility when his boat was rocked with numerous sex scandals, allegations of fake prophecies and healings, accusations that he belonged to an occult group where he derived his powers. They were allegations that he had children with his congregation members which he abandoned. All these deeds brought his church down.

Prophet Abruku Abruka

Popular prophet Chris Asante aka Abruku Abruka like many before him came into the limelight as a pastor through wonders and miracles. He was once an associate pastor to Reverend Obofour. When he began, he was focused on deliverance, miracles, and prophets. However, his name began to sink when he was hit with numerous scandals. There were claims that, the prophet had used his son as a ritual sacrifice to boost his church and to gain his powers. He has had numerous banters with fetish priest and priestess who doubted her credibility. Popular among those fetish priests is komfo Nana Agradaa. All these cases defamed Prophet Chris Asante.

Apae Live

Reverend Tony Asamoah Boateng popularly known as Apae Live, is the founder and leader of Great Light Worship Centre. Just like the other, he performed wonders and miracles, however he became very known for his accurate prophecies and his ability to say hidden things about people, hence the name Apae Live, “It’s happening live”, and also for being the music brain behind Piesie Esther’s musical career. Like the others, his prophetic candle could not burn for longer, his boat was rocked with sexual allegations, an accusation of his indulgence in cult practices. His church lost its relevance, he was faced with financial constraints to the extent that, it was believed he sold his church to famous fetish priestess, Komfo Nana Agradaa. He tried his luck in South Africa but failed.

Jesus One Touch

Nana Kofi Yirenkyi, a.k.a Jesus OneTouch, started well and became famous for performing ‘miracles’. His end was nothing good to associate oneself with. He was jailed for 10 years for defiling his 10-year-old daughter. The man of God was jailed on two counts of defilement and incest on January 20, 2011, but he regained his freedom after spending 24 months, 21 days in lawful custody.

Prophet Reverend Colombos

Like many Kumasi based prophets and men of God before him, Reverend Colombos was widely known for miracles, wonders and prophecies. Although he didn’t start a church of his own, he was an associate pastor to the famous prophet, Reverend Obofour. He was famous until he began to have minor disputes with his colleague Reverend Obofour, then set in allegations of defrauding church members, sexual misconduct and staged miracles and deliverance. These allegations and deeds led to his tragic fall.


Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha is the founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries. The man of God who before being called Prophet Kumchacha was called the Major Prophet or the National Prophet first rose to fame in the early 2000s because of his ability to perform miracles and make mysterious revelation. His fame and church began to fall when he was hit with numerous sex scandals and when he ventured into politics. In 2011, among the numerous sexual allegations against him, the Kumasi based prophet was arrested by the police for allegedly attempting to rape a married woman at a hotel in Kumasi. In 2016 also, he formed a political party to contest in the November 7 presidential race. All these deeds led to him losing his popularity. He’s now popular for appearing on TV Shows as a pundit. 
Other Prophets who have also disappeared from the system include Pastor Kudjoe aka Obama Bishop Bishop TT, Prophet TV3 and Morgan.

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