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Ghana Takes The Lead In the Wearing of Face Masks in Africa

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There is no doubt when it comes to nose masks in Africa, Ghana is definitely taking the lead. Possibly even around the world. From couture to African print to just simply branded nose masks, it’s great to see the nation didn’t hesitate in producing some of the best looks out there.
Low and behold there are also some really stylish celebrities that have dawned them, and also some celebrities chose to wear their own customized edits of nose masks. Some went the simple route which atleast is better than no nose mask at all.

The bottom line is it is good to see the nation take the lead and make the most out of this horrific COVID-19 pandemic. So with that said, let’s sit back and enjoy these fabulous looks and check out the credits, hit your google or instagram search and get stylish like them to.
See the nose masks looks below by your favourite Ghanaian celebrities. #nanaokyerecom #pnp.tv


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