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Rev. Obofuor vs Hon Ken Agyapong

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News has been ripe in the media about a seemingly possible beef between Rev. Obofuor and maverick politician, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong. Kennedy Agyapong is viewed in the public eye as a person you’ll definitely not want to get into an altercation with because it appears as though he is well aware of the skeletons in everyone’s cupboard, especially if you are a pastor. This is because, Kennedy Agyapong has vowed to deal with any fake pastor, wrecking Ghana, his beloved country.

Kennedy Agyapong is on record to have battled Prophet Badu Kobi to a point that the pastor had to apologise to save himself from possible prosecution and payment of duty on the many cars the Member of Parliament alleged he (Pastor Badu Kobi) did not pay duty for. He directed the fight against “fake pastors” to Bishop Daniel Obinim, leader and founder of International God’s Way Church. He made several expose on the prophet and provided evidence for a few of them. Some of the claims he made about Obinim included gold scam, womanising, and money laundering.

So when a visibly angry Rev. Obofuor dared “people who have presenters and claim they are rich men and are fooling on TV stations”, Ghanaians assumed that it was clear that he had sounded a battle drum right in the ears of the ever-ready Kennedy Agyapong. Though the video was an old one which was directed at Bishop Obinim, Kennedy Agyapong was expected to take as his and respond due to his record for falling for fake news and basing his arguments on them.
Owing to how Ken Agyapong shredded Bishop Daniel Obinim to pieces, a lot of people who did not know the video was an old one were surprised that Rev. Obofuor has indicated his readiness to match Kennedy Agyapong, boot-for-boot though Rev. Obofuor is very much confident about being a clean pastor, with absolutely nothing to hide.
It can be recalled that during an interview on Metro FM some months ago, a certain Prophet Elisha alleged that Rev. Obofuor had sacrificed two of his children in Cotonou in order to remain powerful. Prophet Elisha also alleged that Obofuor eats the flesh of humans as well as intestines of women who have just conceived, and sacrifices a live cow every three months. Obofour reported the case to the Police who after a while, arrested the so-called Prophet Elisha. Obofuor has revealed that Prophet Elisha is currently serving a 1-year jail sentence at the Sunyani Central Prison. This was despite the fact that Prophet Elisha apologized to Obofuor for the defamatory comments, citing that they were done out of impulse and a desire to be famous.

Also, there are unconfirmed reports of Rev. Obofour suing Nana Agradaa. Other media outlets have reported that Nana Agradaa has responded to the lawsuit but not much of case is known to the public. Nonetheless, Nana Agradaa is noted for making several allegations against Rev. Obofour and it’s no surprise that he has turned to the courts to protect his image.
The point? Obofuor has made it clear that he wouldn’t forgive anyone who makes unsubstantiated claims against him. In effect, Ken Agyapong will not be afforded the luxury of saying just anything since Rev. Obofuor has also shown that he’ll put the law courts to efficient use if he feels that his rights are being trampled upon.
Also, prospective informants may be scared to come forward, especially if they lack evidence of any claims they make due to Obofuor’s newly found love of prosecuting those who set out to defame him. Anyone who may want to come on NET2 TV to make allegations against Obofour, or anyone who may want to furnish Kennedy Agyapong with information on Rev. Obofour, will first consider how Elisha ended up the in Sunyani Prisons.
Unlike how Kennedy Agyapong treated Obinim with cropped videos and unverified information sent to him by ‘enemies’ of Obinim, he will be scared to do same to Rev. Obofour who will turn to the law courts for Member of Parliament to prove each defamatory statement he made about him.
Kennedy Agyapong was, however, smart to know that the trending video of Obofour warning someone wasn’t directed at him. He has shown that he has to play the game carefully with Rev. Obofour to make sure he only lay down facts to avoid finding himself in jail should he be sued and found guilty of making defamatory statements.
Till then, we can only sit back and look out for who’ll emerge victorious in this much-anticipated battle of wits, evidence and counter-evidence.

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