The National chief Imam of Ghana, Osman Nahu has sent a crucial advice to His Excellency President Akufo Addo prior to his national address tomorrow

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Sheikh Shaibu, the spokes person of the National chief Imam speaking of the behalf of Osman Nahu said that the President should not lift ban on social gathering because of pressure coming from leaders of organisations consulted on best ways to ease restrictions.

He said that the President should make decisions that will benefit the people of Ghana and that he should not listen to religious and educational leaders who are just looking for their selfish gain.

He added that for Muslims they can not practice social distancing and running of shifts during service hours because that is not how it is done in their religion so practicing social distancing when ban on social gatherings is lifted will be very difficult for Muslims but maybe easier for Christians
He further said that he would be glad if the President will be patient with lifting the ban on social gatherings and act in the best interest of the people of Ghana because no religious will be happy if his or her members are unhealthy.
After speaking the President of the Ghana Christian council seconded the National chief Imam.

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